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About Karoo Baba

Karoo Baba uses 100% South African merino sheepskin to create various items for people who appreciate the value of genuine and comfortable products that have been lovingly crafted.

Unlike their synthetic counterparts, our items are made of up-cycled sheepskin, are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, can be washed and are practical and durable.

Our Vision

Creating value and prosperity through comfort and peace of mind.

Our Mission

To grow our business and create employment opportunities, thus pro-actively adding value to the South African economy.

Our Journey

Company founder Michéle Kapilevich grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, close to the land, where a love of animals and all things natural was a way of life.

Her deep appreciation and respect for nature has been the driving force behind her use of natural textiles like 100% wool and sheepskin in creating a range of luxurious and useful products.

She loves spreading the warmth and comfort these products bring, as well as creating employment and opportunities for other entrepreneurs along the supply chain.

Functionality and product care

sheepskin slippers in Cape Town, South Africa
custom black sheepskin rugs in Cape Town South Africa

A preference for natural textiles and living closer to the land has taken root worldwide. Moreover, with many people working from home in these uncertain times, spending more time and money on creating a comfortable environment in your home, wearing comfortable footwear and surrounding yourself with soothing and natural textiles, has become more important than ever.

There are a lot of fake synthetic fur products wherever you look, but ask yourself, why would you buy a product that is a mass manufactured copy of the real thing, if you can use the real thing which is by far better for you, the environment and will last so much longer and feels so much better.

The skins can be used on their own, as a throw, a rug or a great accessory for your nursery. Kids and pets both love them and naturally gravitate to them if there is a sheepskin on the floor or furniture. You can tailor make a bespoke order of anything from 2 skins to be sewn together, increasing the size to suit your space. They are great in front of fireplaces, not only as they are fabulous to sit on, but they actually protect the floor in case a coal should jump out as they put out fires! If you have wooden floorboards don’t even think twice! A sheepskin in front of your fire could save your house from burning down. They are naturally dirt repellant and an asset to your home in summer or winter.

In Europe, all children have a sheepskin from when they are born. Electric blankets do not exist, kids sleep on sheepskins, like it has been done throughout the ages, which I like to believe is how us humans managed to evolve and survive to where we are today. The circle of life!

Thank you for purchasing a proudly South African genuine sheepskin product from us. With some care, your item should last for many years and bring lots of joy.

Sheepskin fibres have natural self-cleansing properties, so it is practical and easy to clean. Often shaking /brushing and hanging it in the sun or vacuuming will do the trick. Pure sheepskin products can be washed in the machine on the wool or cool cycle but warm day so it does not stay damp but dry in one day. After washing you can brush the wool to restore fluffiness.

Products with rubber soles or leather pieces, can be cleaned by our range of suede and leather shampoo or multi-cleaning products. A great tip is to apply suede/leather protector when the item is new which makes your item water resistant and not so easy to absorb any stains.

sheepskin cleaner Cape Town, South Africa
custom black sheepskin rugs in Cape Town South Africa

Supporting small local business

In supporting us you are helping us support the local community and real people and families to put food on the table and kids through school.