We give each sheep which has spent its entire life producing an eco-friendly textile – wool – an everlasting life through our sheepskin slippers, throws and carpets.

Most people don’t associate sheep and sheepskin products with sustainability, but the fact of the matter is that sheepskins are one of the most environmentally, socially and economically sustainable textiles on the market today.

The term Always Wardrobe refers to clothing and footwear that does not need to be replaced on a regular basis. Mass-produced clothing and apparel sacrifices quality for the benefits of scaling and price, but for a small premium we can focus on creating a wardrobe that transcends consumerist excess and saves the planet.

Karoo Baba sheepskin slippers are as durable as they are comfortable – a hug for your feet, and a hug for Mother Earth.

Sheepskins are not only environmentally sustainable because they are biodegradable (unlike 69% of all textiles being made today – which are made from synthetic materials) but also because sheep farmers in the Karoo have, over generations, refined and advanced farming methods to keep the impact on the environment to a bare minimum.

Sheep are hardy and frugal creatures that require a fraction of the resources that cattle farmers require to breed, grow and produce meat and leather. Speak to most farmers in South Africa today (trust me, I have) and they will tell you that factory farming in the USA and elsewhere is tainting an otherwise eco-conscious and responsible industry. No-one loves the Earth and her bounty as much as a Karoo farmer!

Well, except us of course. 😉