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Welcome to Karoo Baba

Karoo Baba uses 100% South African merino sheepskin to create various items for people who appreciate the value of genuine and comfortable products that have been lovingly crafted. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, our items are made of up-cycled sheepskin, are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, can be washed and are practical and durable.

About Karoo Baba

Company founder Michéle Kapilevich grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, close to the land, where a love of animals and all things natural was a way of life.

Her deep appreciation and respect for nature has been the driving force behind her use of natural textiles like 100% wool and sheepskin in creating a range of luxurious and useful products. She loves spreading the warmth and comfort these products bring, as well as creating employment and opportunities for other entrepreneurs along the supply chain.

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