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Karoo Baba


Karoo Baba sells only the very best quality sheepskins and sheepskin products South Africa has to offer. 

Sheepskin Facts

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sheepskin Cape Town

100% Wool

sheepskin Cape Town

Fire Resistant

sheepskin Cape Town

Anti Static

sheepskin Cape Town

Auto-thermo Regulating

sheepskin Cape Town

Washable (wool cycle)

Karoo Baba

Company founder Michéle Kapilevich grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, close to the land, where a love of animals and all things natural was a way of life. Her deep appreciation and respect for nature has been the driving force behind her use of natural textiles like 100% wool and sheepskin in creating a range of luxurious and useful products. She loves spreading the warmth and comfort these products bring, as well as creating employment and opportunities for other entrepreneurs along the supply chain.


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